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The importance of protective films PanzerGlas

Using PanzerGlass does not guarantee that the iPhone screen cannot be shattered. But a screen protector can prevent scratches on the screen, which compromise the structural integrity of the glass and make cracks more likely. In addition, a broken screen lowers the resale value if you want to sell or trade in your device.

There are a number of factors that can cause a screen crack - from the height of the fall, to the angle, to the material it lands on. After testing iPhone protective films from various suppliers, we have concluded that tempered glass best meets our expectations for scratch resistance. A good protective case is also important to keep the screen intact.

There are a lot of overpriced screen protectors out there. We've tested screen protectors from a variety of vendors and found the best tempered glass for your iPhone screen, Apple Watch, and even your iPhone camera.

How to install tempered glass screen protector?

A common question is how to successfully install a new tempered glass screen protector. To simplify and perfect the process, we offer an installation guide. Watch the video for installing screen protectors here.