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Apple Airpods Protective Cases and Apple Airpods Pro Cases

There is no protective Airpods case in our range that we cannot recommend. We take care of all quality-related issues with a replacement or refund. So if you have any problem with our product, please contact us without hesitation. Whether you just bought brand new AirPods or you've had your Airpods for a while, the right time to buy a protective case for them was yesterday. Here are five good reasons why it is essential to protect your $150 Apple AirPods, or even $200 Apple Airpods Pro, with one of our $10 cases.

Our protective cases for Apple Airpods are also compatible with other Bluetooth headphones.

1) Prevent scratches

The glossy white AirPods charging case may be beautiful when it's new, but after just a few trips to the bottom of your purse, it can start to look scratched and worn. One of our AirPods cases is the most effective way to protect the AirPods charging case from these damages.

2) fall protection

It's not just the charging box itself that needs protection from accidental damage. It must also be ensured that the AirPods inside the charging box are not damaged. Although the Apple charging case is designed to provide optimal power to the headphones, it does not provide adequate protection from large impacts that can cause significant damage to AirPods Pro and Apple AirPods.

Our shock-absorbing Airpods cases are the best defense against impacts from falls and have been developed for maximum protection.

3) Improves the grip

In an ideal world, you would never drop your Apple AirPods Pro. In reality, however, an AirPods case helps ensure that the Airpods lie ideally and non-slip in the hand. While the white AirPods charging case may be nice and shiny, it's undeniably slippery and it's all too easy for the charging case to fall out of your hand. Our AirPods cases offer a sturdy, textured finish that helps keep your tech firmly in place.

4) Loss Prevention

AirPods are all too easy to lose, even while in the case. That's why most of our AirPods cases include a carabiner clip. Simply attach your AirPods to a keychain, belt loop or bag. This way you can easily and conveniently access your AirPods at any time.

5) Unique aesthetics

Aesthetics can be just as important as functionality, and there's no reason why your AirPods case shouldn't help express your personal style. AirPods are not an accessory that makes them stand out from the crowd - but a unique case can be a talking point or a fashion statement.

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