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Simplify your tech with USB adapters

It is impossible to manage life without a smartphone, tablet or laptop. These electronic devices are necessary for communication, entertainment and work. However, with new technology comes new challenges... and one such challenge is how to connect all these different devices together (the compatibility issue).

USB technology has improved significantly over the past few decades, from USB-A to USB-Micro and USB Lightning (for Apple iPhones) to the latest and greatest USB-C. However, these technological improvements have resulted in people who own smartphones and laptops with different USB ports struggling to transfer data between them or charge these devices with a single charging cable.

USB adapters are a simple, affordable, and convenient way to connect your devices and eliminate the need to carry around multiple cables or buy new ones. Below we examine some of the most popular USB adapters and their practical uses for data syncing and charging. However, please remember that the charger and the charging cable are the most important factors in determining the charging and data transfer speeds.

USB C to USB A adapter

This USB adapter is useful for people who own older laptops or smartphones that typically don't have a USB-C port. The USB adapter converts your old USB-A port into a USB-C port, allowing the laptop or PC to be connected to newer USB-C port devices and cables.

USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

Despite its many benefits, the move from USB Micro to USB-C has not been without its challenges. However, many older smartphones and tablets with USB Micro still work perfectly. However, newer laptops and wall chargers have USB-C technology. The USB-C to USB micro adapter allows you to charge older smartphones with the newer USB-C charging cables.

Lightning to Jack Adapter [Music Adapter]

The Lightning to Jack Adapter allows you to connect headphones or earphones with a 3,5mm jack to Apple's iPhone and iPad that have a Lightning USB port. The Lightning to Jack music adapter is small and easy to take with you. It is also easy to use “plug and play”.

A benefit of the Lightning to Jack Music Adapter is that it offers high quality audio support for a great listening experience. The adapter is also compatible with a variety of headphones and earphones. So you don't have to buy new Apple Earpods for CHF 30, but can instead use budget or high-quality headphones (e.g. Beats) that have a 3,5 mm aux jack plug.

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